Installation of the SBPOP PACKAGE

  1. Unpack downloaded file (SBPOP_PACKAGE_Rev_>>Revision Number<<.zip) file to the desired location
  2. Start MATLAB (>= R2010a)
  3. Change into the SBPOP_PACKAGE_Rev_>>Revision Number<< folder
  4. The first time you install a new revision, run the installSBPOPpackageInitial script. This will not only make the SBPOP PACKAGE functions available in your MATLAB session, it will also compile several C-code functions and libraries for your system
  5. Ready!
The installation of the SBPOP PACKAGE is NOT saving the MATLAB path. This means that each time you close MATLAB and start it again you need to re-install SBPOP. To speed up re-installation, not compiling C-code functions and libraries, you only need to call: installSBPOPpackage, instead of installSBPOPpackageInitial.

Server installation of the SBPOP PACKAGE

This is easily possible. Please ask your system administrator to install the SBPOP Package. The sysadmin will need to run the installSBPOPpackageInitial script and then the user just starts MATLAB, runs the installSBPOPpackage script and can use SBPOP.

Recommended Third Party Packages

Installation of MONOLIX

  1. Please follow the installation information on the following webpage:
  2. SBPOP detects the availability of Monolix automatically, or in some cases, where it is needed, tells the user explicitly when the path to Monolix needs to be provided and how.

Installation of the SSm Global Optimization Toolbox

  1. Download the toolbox from here
  2. Add the root folder of the SSm toolbox to the MATLAB path
  3. Save the MATLAB path - or do this each time you start MATLAB
  4. Ready!

Optional Third Party Packages

Installation of the SBMLToolbox (UNIX, Linux, MAC only)

  1. Download the SBML Toolbox from here, and follow the installation instructions included in the downloaded package
  2. Then you need to make sure that both the TranslateSBML and the OutputSBML functions are in the MATLAB path by adding the corresponding folders to the path. You can do this manually in MATLAB or by editing the path information in the installSB.m file (in the SBTOOLBOX2 folder), by setting the variable PATH_SBMLTOOLBOX

Installation of XPPAUT

XPPAUT is already included in the SBTOOLBOX2 distribution. In case of compilation problems, please refer to the XPPAUT installation documentation (SBTOOLBOX2/auxiliary/xppaut/unix_mac/install.pdf).